A Brief History of the Community Baptist Church ministering to the Lansing area and the world:

This church was established to honor the Lord in all it does. The church has been described as a Christ centered, friendly, family church.

In 1990, after receiving Biblical counsel from several pastors, the Pastor Timothy W. Jackson family launched out in faith to start the Community Baptist Church. The purpose of the new church project was and remains to be, to please the Lord. The church is actively aimed at obeying God with the following: sound Scriptural preaching and teaching, soul winning both local and abroad, conservative sacred music, diligent prayer, a call for obedience to God, a heart for revival, a love for others, to train adults and young people to use their gifts for His service, and to find and stay in the center of the Lord’s will. Community Baptist Church exists to make and mature disciples who are becoming more the like the Lord Jesus Christ!

The Community Baptist Church was started in October of 1990. Pastor Jackson received  support from his sending church, Community Baptist Church of Saginaw and twenty three other churches of like faith. Several pastors and churches aided in the planting and financing the ministry in the early years. After one month of Bible studies and door to door witnessing, the first service was held in the Waverly Middle School, with 43 in attendance. The Word of God was preached and taught at every service. People made professions of their faith in the Lord and the congregation grew. The church was incorporated in November and had a charter signing service in December.

Property was purchased in 1994 on Mt. Hope Highway. Plans were developed and a building was built in 1997. Rev. Wray Jackson, gave invaluable construction and pastoral counsel to the church.  The plans and the entire project were overseen by professional business men who either donated all or a portion of their fees. The church family and pastor’s family worked diligently on the building. An addition was constructed and completed in 2002, which allowed the church to have more space to minister to the community and congregation. Once again, generous help and financial gifts were donated by contractors and the church family.

The church has utilized several different ministries to enhance the serving of Christ. A few of the ministries are listed below:

  1. The prayer ministry was established in September of 1990 to be a part of the new church as it was formed. Prayer requests are brought before the Lord on a daily basis. We have seen the Lord answer prayer requests on a regular basis for His glory. An e-mail list is sent out regularly to help keep prayer partners current.
  2. The soul winning and visitation ministry was established in 1990 in hopes to see men, women and children become born again by the saving power of the Lord. Small groups meet together almost everyday to witness in our community, visit the sick and shut in and distribute Gospel tracts.
  3. The summer intern ministry was established in 1991 to train young men in their Christian service. Each summer, young adult men have been taught “on the job” how to study the Bible, become evangelistic, teach classes, preach the Word, work on buildings and grounds and establish children’s ministries. Temporary mission support is given to assist the men for their Christian college education needs.
  4. The music ministry was established in 1991 with a small children’s choir and adult choral. The adult choir has presented Christmas and patriotic cantatas that encourage worship of the Lord.
  5. The teaching ministry was established for adults and children in 1991. All teachers are using a Bible based syllabus. Classes for youth and adults are taught by dedicated teachers.
  6. Missionary support was established in 1991 with the support of one family to Brazil. In 2007 the church voted to take its tenth missionary family on for support. The church also has supported mission projects such as church start up costs, building projects, education needs, emergency relief and Gospel literature.
  7. The youth ministry was established by the church family with classes and activities in 1991. Summer interns: David Ameen, Scott Hawes, Jon Jackson, Joe Jackson, Miguel Rabi have assisted with outreach and training of the youth. Adult sponsors have assisted with the development of this ministry over the years.
  8. The bus ministry was developed in 1994 with one bus and a van. The workers pick up families and individuals every service. There have many young people and adults reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ through our bus ministry
  9. The camping ministry was developed in 1994 with children and adults attending Camp Co Be Ac and Bill Rice Camp. Winter retreats, summer camp and fall retreats are exciting opportunities to learn the Word and grow in grace.
  10. The mentoring ministry was developed in 1996 with children learning athletics and music.
  11. The discipleship ministry was started in 1999 by using a series of Bible lessons. There have been many new converts taught the basics for the believers through the outlines.
  12. The Reformers Unanimous local chapter ministry is a Christ centered freedom from addictions program and it was established in May of 2003. Scores of people have been helped with the Bible principles shared through preaching and teaching.
  13. The Ingham County Jail Reformers Unanimous satellite ministry has spiraled into a special outreach of our church. Our prayer is for the inmates to come to Christ and then after they are released to attend R.U. in a local chapter where they reside.
  14. The emergency food pantry was developed in 2003.  People in the church sort food, prepare meals and deliver it to needy families. Financial counseling based on Bible principles is offered to all everyone receiving the supplies, free of charge.
  15. With a want to reach our community, in 2010 the“Community Week” became a special week of ministry and activities for the family! It featured a special theme every night. Ranging from cook-offs, a Car-show, Sportsmen night, and so much more.
  16. 10402039_10152626523061136_1919756642529435819_nIn 2014 the Helping Kids Golf Charity Golf outing was started with the goal of helping send young people to Camp Cobeac. This event is a great time of fellowship, and support for the youth of our area.