The Valentine’s Day Lie

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The Valentine’s Day Lie
We have all seen the movies, the idiot guy loses the girl who was perfect for him. So to fix it he does some huge act, something to win back her heart, (that by the way we have all been screaming at the TV for him to do the entire movie) and they live happily ever after. But that was movie and not real life. Real life is tough. Relationships are difficult, and you may not get a second chance to do things right the first time. People are always wondering when it all falls apart what went wrong. How did we get here?

I call it the Valentine’s Day lie. Now before the internet lights up with a fury of hateful comments let me be clear. Valentine’s Day is great! You should use this day to treat your spouse with gifts, flowers and so much more. It should be a day to reflect on the love that has bonded us together and will keep us together throughout the good and bad times. However, there is a lie that we have brought into and it is killing our marriages our relationships and families.

The Valentine’s Day Lie is this:
Valentine’s Day is only on February 14th

Now I know that some of you who are more astute might be looking at the calendar and disagreeing with me right now but let me finish. The reason many relationships and Marriages fall apart is because we stop seeing that person as special. We stop valuing them and supporting them. We wait till birthdays and Valentines to tell them we love them; for who they are what they are and how they make us better people. Small daily acts of Kindness keep a Marriage/relationship strong. Every day we should treat our spouse as if it were the best Valentine’s day ever. Every day we should let them know that they are loved and special.

Let’s look at some 5 Small daily acts of Kindness keep a Marriage/relationship strong and out of the Valentine’s Day Lie.


Buy flowers and or gifts for no reason

I can hear some of you tightwads now. Wait, you mean just go buy them a gift or flowers for no specific reason. That could get really expensive. Not really. A single rose and a handmade note, done with care, can change your wife’s whole outlook on the week. Ladies, a favorite meal and small token like a coffee gift card or toy that he has been wanting here and there will not break the bank. But this will build your marriage.


Find a hobby you both like and do it together.

So many couples do so much apart, I wonder why they got married in the first place. If you married them to spend the rest of your lives together them spend time together. Not every hobby cost a lot of money either, hiking, nature walks, sports, shopping(this one could cost but if done right will not), crafting, landscaping, reading, and thousands more cost little to nothing and you are building a relationship together.


Go on dates at least once a week.

Is that not the same thing as doing together hobbies? In short, No, A hobby I can do with anyone a stranger, a friend, and even an enemy. However, I only date my wife. Picnics, meals out, Meals in, breakfast in bed are just a few ideas of private dates you need to take where the two of you learn to share what is on your heart.


Stop and smell the roses

When was the last time you just stopped and thanked God for your spouse and just how blessed you have been? God has given you someone to spend the rest of your life with. This person will love you if you love them. We are to follow the example of Christ. Christ knows how many hairs are on our head he also knows our every need worry and insecurity. How well do you know your spouse?


Be Consistent

I hate inconstancy especially in my own life. But it is even worse in relationships. You will destroy your marriage when you are not found faithful. They should be able to count on you. Your love, your devotion, your notes of encouragement, your hand to hold and/or shoulder to cry on. Don’t make them seek for the comfort and security you are supposed to give from someone else. Be there. I will write it again Be There. When you are with them Be with them not at work or on some distant planet saving the universe. Be there saving your family. Show them that you love them and value them more than once a year. Do it Every day! The true message of Valentines is to love those we care for every moment and especially on Valentines.


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