The Bad Samaritan

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Dr. Timothy W. Jackson, pastor

August 14, 2013

Proverbs 4:23

This is the life of the Samaritan that that was bad. She had been married five times and divorced five times and now had a live in lover who was not her husband. The reason she was the way she was because she didn’t guard her heart which led her to consequences that were harsh and frowned upon. The Lord Jesus Christ changed the Samaritan woman for her good.


  1. Jesus’ heart John 4:4

The Lord felt it was His obligation to go to where the needy woman was-Samaria.

A. There were other routes but Jesus took the hard road because of who He wanted to see. There were two other routes between Judea and the region of Galilee but Jesus took the one that led Him to her (no name given). John 5:30

B. The heart of Jesus was for the people, He wasn’t bias just blessed to help others.

Application: Luke 19:10 was the burden of Jesus and it should be the believer’s.


2.  Jew/Gentile heart Matthew 13:1-9, 18-23

  1. All sinners can believe and be changed John 20:31 even the Samaritan which was a half breed.
  2. Jew Who was able to save was Jesus and He crossed the invisible lines John 4:7-9. Then she immediately wanted to tell others!
  3. Jesus began with the Samaritan by plowing up the ground John 4:16-20. “There is no conversion without conviction, so Jesus began to plow up the soil by telling her to call her husband.”- Wiersbee

Application: The Holy Spirit can use your loving testimony even on the hardest heart to eventually cause a desire for salvation. Once the Word of God is planted in the good soil the sky is the limit.


3. Jealous heart of the disciples John 4:27, 31-38

The surprise of the disciples was evidence of ignorance and jealousy to keep the Gospel exclusive for the Jews.

  1. Jesus used the opportunity to teach His disciples to consider others.
  2. Jesus practiced nourishing the soul with witnessing opportunities. Maybe John the Baptist had ministered to the Samaritan woman before. John 3:23 and 4:38
  3. Jesus disciple Paul used the same metaphor to teach the lesson of witnessing I Corinthians 3:6-9 that there were many in the harvest field and each have different tasks for The Lord.

Application: we are the Lord’s fellow labors what should we be doing for Him as far as witnessing?


4. Jarring the heart of the seeker John 4:28-29

  1. She boldly told the people of Jesus and they came to Him for their own salvation, changed hearts!
  2. She built a confidence in Jesus because the Samaritans were seeking John 4:42
  3. She started the multiplication on e she was added into the family of Christ just like Acts 3:1-4:4
  4. She benefited from the Lord’s practice of taking the gospel to all geography John 2:23 Jerusalem; John 3:22 Judea; John 4:4 Samaria; John 4:42 Savior of the world- so just like Je told His disciples He did the Work- Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost part of the world

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