Brief History of Special Blessings of Community Baptist Church

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Brief History of Special Blessings of Community Baptist Church

The Lord has blessed the church with many wonderful times of refreshing our Spirit through the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of His people. With souls being saved and baptized, converts being encouraged to become growing disciples and missionaries being sent to our country and to international ministry opportunities. A special thanks for each person who has prayed, served, given financial gifts to the Lord through the Community Baptist Church of Lansing. Please note the following recent “special days” in our church history:

March 17, 2013 Celebration Sunday-To Be Announced $_______ come tomorrow and be a part of the gift and/or sign a commitment card to give each week for the next year to help us retire the Carrier Creek Storm Drain, Building Mortgage Debt of the church.

December 2012 Christmas Gifts for Jesus –Donations of: Two tower computers; MacDonald’s Gift Certificates for Children; Microphone system components for auditorium; Bus Ministry underground power gift; Bibles; gasoline gift cards for the bus; toys for needy families; office supplies; Donation for camper to go to summer camp; a Christmas gift of $40 sent to each missionary we support; international flags for display and more.

259190_10150272704471136_182488996135_9403916_2483002_o-April 2012 Easter Offering-$1600 to pay on the Storm Drain debt and extra to put on the church mortgage.

-December 2011 Christmas Gifts for Jesus-Donations of: Indoor Basketball game for youth; Gasoline gas cards for the bus; church kitchen supplies; office supplies; Window for the nursery; toys for needy families; Bibles; computer software; vacuum sweeper for the church auditorium; discipleship supplies; conference gift; Christmas gift of $50 for each missionary we support monthly and more.

-April 2011 Easter Offering- 30 pieces of silver offering  sum was enough to pay an extra mortgage payment of $1130.

-December 2010 Christmas Gifts for Jesus-Donations of: two copy machines for the church offices; Gasoline gas gift cards for the bus; office supplies of stamps/cards/cutting board; paint for the interior of the building; shelving for the offices; Bibles; gloves/hats/socks for the children needy in our community; Sound equipment for Haiti Missionary Dr. and Mrs. Shelpman; $50 Christmas gift to each of the twelve mission ministries we are supporting; youth camp scholarships; Mid Michigan Food Pantry donation to build our food supplies; new freezer for the church kitchen and more.

Thanksgiving November 2010-A special offering was collected to pay the Storm Drain payment of $1100.

Lamentations 3:23 They are new every morning, great is Thy faithfulness.


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