Easter Offering Project of “30 Pieces of Silver”

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Thirty pieces of silver offering for Easter


Almost two thousand years ago the Lord Jesus Christ was betrayed for thirty pieces of silver by Judas Iscariot (Matthew 26:15), it was a tragedy. Can you imagine selling someone for silver, what was in his heart? With all our hearts, our desire should be to “buy into” the Lord’s way not sell Him out! Now it is not possible to have the favor of the Lord with gifts however, the Scriptures claims “where your treasure is there will your heart be also.” With that right heart attitude in mind, I am inviting you to join Wendy and me in giving a gift of thirty pieces of silver, this year at Easter. How much is thirty pieces of silver? Well, I researched it, thirty pieces of silver was the price, the lowest price you could pay for a slave according to the Old Testament (Exodus 21:32). Therefore, the least that the Temple Priests paid for the Lord Jesus Christ was paid to Judas Iscariot, can you believe that?


This year our church will collect a “thirty pieces of silver” offering for the church needs. All the offering will be designated to pay for the church building needs ($1300 for Drain Fee and $500 for a new window to be installed in our nursery).


Your offering can be any amount the Lord places on your heart, we are inviting you to follow the Lord’s leading. Treasure the Lord, Who was the obedient Servant on the Cross for our souls!



Thank you for giving to the Lord,


Dr. Timothy W. Jackson, Pastor

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