Our Pastor’s Bio

Dr. Timothy Warren Jackson is the Founder and “Pastor” at the Community Baptist Church. He is married to Wendy (Kimball) and they have two sons. They make their home in Delta Township and love spending time together with their four grandsons. Pastor loves serving the Lord in preaching, discipleship, evangelism, and counseling. Pastor became born again in the Lord as a result of an Independent Baptist church loving his parents and inviting them to church. His parents brought he and his siblings to church every time the doors were open. This gave him a conservative and fundamental background. He surrendered to preach at a winter retreat when he was twelve. He met Wendy, his wife in Christian college. After Bible College and serving the Lord as an Asst. Pastor in Saginaw, MI for eight years, God Called our Pastor and his young family to plant the Community Baptist Church here in the greater Lansing area  in 1990. Our Pastor’s formal education consists of the following: Providence Baptist College, Clearwater Christian College and he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies from Trinity Baptist College Jacksonville, Florida and a Doctorate in Divinity from Faithway Baptist College Ypsilanti, Michigan. Pastor has the responsibility in leading the church ministry through God’s grace. With God’s leading the church was planted in November of 1990 and met in the Waverly Middle School for church services. The Lord miraculously provided each step of the way and the church purchase 6.79 acres on Mt. Hope Highway in 1994 and built a church facility in 1996. Pastor was the general contractor together with the workers in the church and several contractors donating their expertise they erected the building. In 2001, the church added to the main plant a fellowship hall. Our Pastor has a passion for learning the Word of God and promoting his love of reading. He enjoys spending time with his family, home improvement and outdoor sports. His theme verse is Psalm 126:5-6

A Note From our Pastor

The Lord is so merciful and generous to have called me into ministry! This church ministry is based on the Bible and you are invited to discover the love for Christ that is genuinely displayed by the church family. My wife and I are serving God together in this ministry and would love to have you fellowship with us!

“Church” has always been an important part of my life and it is just terrific to be able to help others learn the joy of being involved in it. The Lord has called me to plant and pastor the Community Baptist Church in 1990. There is great opportunity for each person to become what God’s will is for them through learning the Word of God. Our hope is for you to know the Lord and follow Him with all of your life.

Pastor Jackson