Dear Praying Friend(s):

Thank you for your interest in the financial health, the stewardship of the Community Baptist Church of Lansing. Obviously, it is important to the Lord and a big deal to me and the church family.

Our History: If I told you that our congregation gave a special offering for the retirement of our building debt and upgrading of the building to the tune of $3351 on one day would you be surprised? If I told you that in the month of March last year, the total was $10,697 for retirement of our building debt and upgrading of the building. If I said the total giving for the Next Step in 2016 was $14,895, would that be a shock to you? I believe you are like my wife and me, encouraged by those generous giving totals, all for God’s glory!

Our Future: March 5th, 2017 will be the day that Community Baptist Church will gather for church services with prayer and giving towards the Lord providing the church with funds to make it a more effective tool for ministry. We have come this far by faith in God, it has been phenomenal to see God provide for the building needs. As you know, “Buildings don’t change lives; but what happens in them does!”

“The Next Step” is a commitment theme to the Lord to see Him guide our church spiritually and physically in His vision for retiring debt and building in the future. The church plan is to please the Lord through three simple steps: Retire, Rise Up and Redeem.

Step 1. Retire debt and upgrade the church building, the upgrade this year will be pew chairs-175 of them.

Step 2. Rise up and remodel our current building then build a future building to minister to the church and community.

Step 3. Redeem the property surrounding the building.

On March 6th, every gift that is given will go directly to help with seating needs. This will upgrade our present building that we have been entrusted with.  Every dollar that comes in over 2017 Next Step giving will go directly to upgrading our Church building and paying off the previous debt of the church even faster! These are two great ways that you can help our church reach more people for the Kingdom of God. I am asking you to prayerfully look in your heart for a sacrificial contribution to minister to our world and our community.

Our goal will be to see the Lord lead in each step of the church even as He has in such a wonderful way in the past! I am confident that God can provide through His people, would you follow Him?

Serving You,

Pastor Jackson