On Sunday July 17, 2011 at 9:45AM the Community Baptist Church will host Dr Tim Schmig and his lecture  Faith  of  Our  Fathers with a barbecue chicken lunch provided for free. This special   presentation by Dr.Tim Schmig , detailing the  Christian  Heritage stories behind some of our Founding Fathers. Tim Schmig spends much of his time in Lansing and Washington D.C.  meeting with   e l e c t e d  officials   on both   sides of the political aisle. The Congressional Record entered, September  25, 2002 impart, records these words :“Tim is an Advocate with Integrity. Lawmakers have come to trust Tim and rely on his know ledge of  the issues and his well-informed  advocacy on a variety of issues.  He truly  has earned the respect and the influence he has in the halls of Congress and in the Michigan Legislature.” If you listen to the voices who claim to speak with authority about our Founding Fathers you will hear them say “they were all atheists, agnostics or deists” and leave that out there as if it were matter of fact. Really? Join us for a closer look at some of the Founding Fathers in the Famous John Trumbull Painting that hangs in the Rotunda of the Capitol in DC. It might surprise you to hear “the rest of the story.”