Front Sports CampBack Sports CampOur Christian Sports and Craft Camp Purpose is that all kids will learn how to be Honest, full of Integrity, Obedient, Responsible, Respectful, Wise, Build Deep relationship with Jesus, and learn Self-Control. This camp will emphasis on fundamentals of the different sports taught each night(in varying degrees based on each skill level) and will help teach them the value and basics of arts and crafts.There will be coaches and instructors each day helping your child grow in there goals of Sports and Crafts. Character lessons will be taught everyday along with a snack. This is a free event for ages 4-13 but space is limited to the first 35 registered. We suggest a $10 donation to be made through our church to help students in schools in Tanzania Africa. To (register/get your ticket) Please Contact Pastor Joe Jackson @ or Call the church @ 517-322-0808