The Community Baptist Church Staff and trained laymen counselors are looking to follow God’s plan of being a help to those in need through Biblical counsel. That is one reason our church started the Christian Counseling and Discipleship program. The counseling ministry offers help in a variety of subjects: Pre-Marriage, Family Relationships, Substance abuse, Addictions, Child rearing, Abuse, Teen, Finances, Depression, Life choices, and other contemporary issues (all counsel is offered as a ministry of our church with no charges). We also offer Christian life discipleship: this discipline teaches Biblical foundations of Christian living, overcoming life’s greatest difficulties and turning them into triumphs as the Holy Spirit empowers. The church staff members and laymen have extensive training and experience. If you are searching for help, and cannot seem to find the answers to life’s everyday problems or a big problem that just will not go away make an appointment today.  Prayer is offered and counsel will be given. Office Phone 517.322.0808; Email