Loved beyond Measure

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John 13:34

“A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another.”

God has blessed me so much, loved me so much, cared for me beyond measure. No bucket could hold my list, God has always overflowed my cup more than I could imagine. My moms favorite Bible was John 10:10
I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

This would be my testimony about God’s overwhelming amount of blessing in my life. God placed me in a wonderful family heritage, Godly grandparents, especially Grandma Crawford, who lived for Jesus and prayed for all of us. God was taking care of me, planning my future, and directing my path to lead me to Him and his Saving Grace. My parents survived the tragic lawnmower accident that amputated my little sister Kelly’s leg, with my Grandma Crawford’s prayers and support.
When my father accepted Jesus as his Savior, I was there to see it up close and personal at 15 years old. This was real, and I was privileged to witness the transformation of Bill Kimball. God totally changed my father into a Spirit lead Christian. He was not perfect, but he was striving to be like Jesus. That decision changed the destiny of our family. I reaped the benefit of seeing salvation and spiritual growth play out in front of me. My dad devoured the Bible and would study and mark his Bible morning and night. He witnessed to everyone and was so happy. When my Dad felt the Holy Spirit leading him into full time ministry, he joyfully gave up his job, his home and felt privileged to be serving the Lord. Financially we were very poor, but spiritually we grew rich in His Faithfulness. God Loved us and took care of us. It was a great experience for me to see God provide and my parents trust. My mom followed my dad and was so content to be back in Church playing the piano or organ. Mom was a perfect example of a wife, mother and Pastors wife, a true Proverbs 31 Lady. My parents made it possible for me to go to Bible College, meet Tim Jackson, approved our marriage and sent me joyously down the path of Pastor’s wife and Mother. They encouraged us, but never gave advice unless asked. They supported us prayerfully and financially. Loved beyond Measure again!
The decision to marry Tim Jackson was the best decision I made after my salvation. Six months into our marriage, the doctors told me I would probably never have children because of my ovarian disease. Five years later we were surprised with our first son and three years later another miracle son. So blessed with love again. We have grown closer together in each ministry God has placed us. Church planting in Lansing, Mi has been the greatest experience for us as a family. Working together with our children, and seeing the growth of new Christians for 27 Years has been so rewarding. Through good and trying times, God has always provided and blessed us beyond our expectations.
So my story is all about God’s love and care for 59 Years. He has directed, protected, guided, and surrounded me. I am so thankful God has controlled my life and sent me on this path. I have been Loved Beyond Measure!



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  1. Ruth Jackson

    Wow Wendy…. I am so glad God allowed me to know you and your family. You have inspired me more times than we could possibly know. You helped keep me on the right path with God. Thank you so very much.. I thank God for your friendship I so much love you and your family in Christ.

  2. Rhoda J Blumer

    Thank you for such a wonderful testimony! You are a blessing reminding us that we are loved by our wonderful loving God!! Life would be so empty without Him.

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