“Needs of all students”

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“Needs of all students”
Dr. Timothy W. Jackson, pastor
Let the Michigan parents and other tax payers put no Michigan student at risk! The Whiston Memorandum looks to protect 9% of students and put the other 91% at risk of inappropriate behavior, potential embarrassing situations, vulnerable to predators who would certainly take advantage of unsuspecting children put in compromising positions. Besides the moral problems of such a radical change there are financial, ethical and family issues to consider.
Michigan Public Schools are ranking in the lower percentages of schools in our nation according to an article published in US News, notice the following:
“The gold and silver awards reflect which schools are most successfully preparing students for college, based on students participating in and achieving passing scores on Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate tests. For a school to be eligible for a gold or silver medal, its students must also do well on the appropriate statewide tests, as explained in the 2015 Best High Schools rankings methodology.” By Robert Morse May 11, 2015, at 9:59 p.m. How Schools Compare in the Best 2015 Rankings-http://www.usnews.com/…/best-hi…/articles/how-states-compare
Detroit Public Schools have difficulty taking care of the teachers, the very people that lead the classrooms according to an article published in The Detroit News, notice the following:
“If Detroit Public Schools runs out of money on April 8, the stark reality is that Detroit’s students won’t have schools to attend, many students won’t receive breakfast or lunch, and educators and school staff won’t get paid,” the statement said. “These are the real consequences of Lansing inaction.”
The statement was issued by Ivy Bailey, interim president of the Detroit Federation of Teachers; Ruby Newbold, president of the Detroit Association of Educational Office Employees; and Donna Jackson, president of the Detroit Federation of Paraprofessionals. –Shawn D. Lewis, The Detroit News 11:45 a.m. EST March 9, 2016http://www.detroitnews.com/…/rhodes-says-dps-teac…/81527982/
This is just a sampling of the fierce problems confronting the Michigan Public Schools, and yet these critical problems have been tabled apparently to work on a matter that is considered politically popular one. Will the tax payers of the state of Michigan settle for 29th placement of our graduates or neglect to provide for our teachers the deserving salaries and compensation packages? Are the leaders of The MPS so oblivious to these urgent needs that they are developing new policies to further burden the already over taxed education budgets?
The newest policy the Michigan Department of Education recorded in a Memorandum dated February 23, 2016, decided to get public opinion about is regarding what Superintendent Brian J. Whiston, Chairman wrote is “…reducing the impact of high-risk factors and needs of all students.” Let us consider the “needs of all students” and not use the moment to put them in a high-risk. I do not recommend the State of Michigan change the restroom, locker room, athletic gender policy already in place.


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