Every Occasion

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“Make every occasion a great occasion, for you can never tell when somebody may be taking your measure for a larger place.”-Marsden

Do you believe in coincidences? I believe in Divine appointments, don’t you? I was standing at the DMV (stands for “don’t move vroohm” or something like that) window and the courteous State employee, certainly overwhelmed with the case load (count them, 100 Michiganders kinda of waiting patiently and only three state employees to help us, send in the reinforcements Ms. Johnson). I’m #73 according to the numbered slip I retained and by the time my number was called I had my speech, driver’s license and documentation ready to go.  I smiled as the efficient agent explained to me that my papers were in order however there was one missing document that the previous owner would have to supply. I would have to come back with the document or the owner (anyone into waiting twice for the same thing? in case you were wondering that is not me) just then a gentleman touched my arm. As I turned I saw before me a man that I had ministered to a year and a half ago, at that time we had met at a Tim Horton’s for coffee, he was cold, homeless and looking for direction. He said, “Pastor Jackson, I saw you when I came in, I will call you later, it is good to see you.” The story of our first meeting flashed through my mind as the agent gave me a return pink slip, that fellow needed to turn himself in to the City of Lansing Police Department because there was a warrant out for his arrest, he knew it and agreed after prayer, to allow me to take him to the police office. As I walked out of the DMV office I remembered how the police officers had handcuffed him at the police department and led him into the jail, his intent was to pay his penalty and then go back to work and provide for his needs, now here he was ready to get his state ID and then apply for work. This was one of those occasions that was leading to something better for the Lord’s Work, where you are being tested for something beyond the here and now. Matthew 5:16…that they may see your good works…

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