Staying in Love takes work

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Staying in Love takes work! Have you ever felt like me? Trying not to step in a minefield as you are talking with couples who have lost their way in their marriage and relationship? This event scheduled will help in giving and taking counsel, no matter how long you have been a couple! Some things to consider: only $40 for meal and special speaker; Bible centered; sit wherever you would like in the Centennial Acre banquet room; all are welcomed (however the messages are focused on couples).

Staying in Love” a Couples Seminar and Dinner 
$40 per Couple Guest Speaker Gene Haymaker at Centennial Acres is Scheduled for February 6. Are you registered yet?
Three reasons why couples don’t “make it” as a joyful Christian couple that the Lord (and what they had hoped) intended them to be:
1. Christ isn’t part of their relationship as He desires to be. The tell is: as a couple they seldom have devotions in the Word of God; they seldom schedule special dates to build communication; one or the other mate has allowed work or activities to dictate them (see Colossians 3:17-19) .
2. The past is running the present and the future. The tell is: when a “discussion” comes into play the past failures are brought up; when certain people come around it is hard to forgive and enjoy the time together; things have changed and one or both is not willing to adapt as the Holy Spirit would allow (see Ephesians 5:21-25).
3. “Candy and flowers”, isn’t enough like the counselors said it would be when you were married back then. It takes work to build a relationship and with divorce and havoc in so many families history if you are not investing you will end up a shell ( see I Corinthians 13).

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