Why we still use Gospel tracts…

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Why we still use Gospel tracts…postcard-3.5inx5.5in-h-front

Salvation is in the Lord! God still wants to save sinners. The Gospel tract has been distributed broadly, with hopes that God would use it for His glory. One gentlemen told me on Sunday evening, that his friend was passing away and that God led him to read the tract line by line to his hospitalized friend, who indicated that he accepted the Message. His friend called on Jesus from the convicting of the Holy Spirit through the Gospel presentation. I phoned today to check on the passing friend, to hear that he passed away on Tuesday, our prayer is that we will meet him in Heaven because of the Lord’s saving power. Let us pray as we distribute Gospel Tracts that God would use His Word to convict and save the lost after all that is why Jesus was born in Bethlehem, to bring glory to His Father by saving the sinners!

Will you give out the Gospel today?

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