Serving Jesus-Lesson 2 “Not judge him”

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Roman’s 14:3Picture1

 Independent Baptists are different from each other and it is healthy for the church.

Like-minded believers are blessed to be different from each other. Think of Peter and Andrew what a difference but they had so much in common!

  1. Different Approaches God builds people with different gifts, personalities and drives
    1. “Go getters”-people who use the Internet, social media, the graphics that are new and updated
    2. “Discerning ones”- they see things clearer than most, if someone is compromising or heading towards danger, they know it right away and they tell all.
    3. The two often get on each other’s case. The go getters are often so innovative that they would cast all caution to the wind and use things that can cause controversy. On the other hand some discerning ones see danger in everything.

 2. Differences in areas of the “Go getters” and “Discerning ones”

  • Technology-
  1. Style-
  2. Terminology-
  3. Association-
  4. Influence-


  1. The strength of Romans 14
    1. The best principle is not to disagree about matters unless it is doctrines not food vv. 1-3
    2. The best principle is not to disagree about holidays or special days v. 5
    3. If believers make issues the center of discussions constantly.

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