Thank you Jesus, stick to the mission

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White Car

It’s Saturday late afternoon, and I’m washing the spring bugs off the grill of my car (I’ll take the bugs any day over the snow and ice). There is a sense of savings when I wash the car myself, so I’m really enjoying the chore and working at doing a good job. Then in the middle of the breeze of spring, the aroma of cheap car wash bubbling out of the two gallon bucket I hear the music coming right at me. It is a loud noise of drums, base guitars and more “…boom…bap…boom…bap”. I spy the pristine white car elevated off the ground with 21 inch wheels, it is literally hopping down the road coming right bye my secluded, nook of the world. Remembering my task at hand my first thought is to drop the sponge filled with sparkling blue soapy water, and greet the young driver with some wisdom, some gentle encouragement to move the dial down and give the tweeting birds their hearing back! Then as if the Holy Spirit, spoke to my heart (I don’t believe I could have heard Him if He spoke to my ears the rap music was still blasting out the windows of the white car) I walked calmly to the car that was now bumping before my driveway. As I walked up to the vehicle, the owner looking surprised slowed down to hear what I had to say, “May, I have a word with you?” I spoke firmly and with a smile I said, “This is a beautiful car!” He looked surprised, as if he thought I was going to rebuke him for the loud “…boom…bap…boom…bap…” (To be completely honest my mind switched back and forth, for just a second or two but it seemed like an eternity, should I pull him out of the car, tell him he is ruining my car wash experience with his noise or stick to the mission, inviting him to the upcoming Car Show for Christ?). Thank God, the Holy Spirit won out! “I am a pastor in Delta Township. Could you help me by considering showing this car off at the coming Car Show, for FREE?” He responded with a relieved smile on his face as he reached over to the controls on his CD player and turned down the volume. I gave him a signal that I was getting the invitation out of my vehicle which sat in my driveway, wondering in part if the music has to be played so loud, could it be shut off when the mostly senior citizens that showed up to last year’s Car Show for Christ bring their 1958 Chevy’s, thank you Jesus, stick to the mission, most of the seniors have already lost their hearing in the World Wars they served in. postcard-4inx6in-h-round-frontWhen I got back to the white car the music was barely on, “You say that your car show is FREE! And it is at your church, and that you are the Pastor?” he inquired. “Yes, that is correct, I am the pastor, Timothy Jackson, it is Community Baptist Church, and you would honor me by bringing this beautiful car and show it off, for FREE. You may win a $50 gift card or a tool box or several other prizes that the congregation gives for the finest wheels in the contest. It is a meeting focused on Christ with cars being showed off for all of us car enthusiast. Here are two invitations one for you and for a friend. Please plan on attending and drive THIS car, I believe it could be a winner (my heart leaped as I could see he was digesting the information, the date of the event and seemed engaged in my humble invitation, then my eyes noticed the cd’s spread out on his white leather bench seat and it took all I had not to reach in grab those little cd’s and make a dash for the recycling canister only 20 feet away, then I snapped back into reality). He smiled and said, “Pastor, I will come, I will show my car, I will bring a friend.” We shook hands and he glided off in his beautiful machine “…boom…bap…boom…bap” the music faded as I watched him leave. It is a beautiful car, he was a nice young man, he will come to the Car Show for Christ on May 21, he will hear Evangelist Joe Mark preach the Gospel, and he will eat some brats and drink some cold bottled water at the event. Thank you Jesus, stick to the mission.


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