Next Step Sunday

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Are you like Wendy and me, just a little anxious for spring to actually be sprung, right? It is a shame that we are so impacted by the weather but after all it has been a hard cold winter and the Lord knows how much we enjoy the birds singing, the snow to be gone and sunshine. One thing is for sure, the Lord is generous to us with His kindness. This Sunday, March 15 is The Next Step Sunday filled with some special opportunities all based on the verse from Acts 20:32 “God…the Word… His grace, which is able to build you up…”

The format will be different please pray and attend:

-9:45 AM Adult Bible Study and Sunday School

-11 AM Morning Worship and Service

-NOON Lunch for the entire church family and friends with The Next Step Offering Given and/or commitments cards filled out

-1 PM Afternoon Service (this will be in place of the 6 PM service)

What does the Sunday afford to you? 1. Opportunity to worship the Lord through Bible messages, Gospel singing, prayer and fellowship. 2. Opportunity to worship the Lord through giving The Next Step Offering to help us retire, rise up and redeem. 3. Opportunity to commit to a weekly offering over and above your tithe to help with The Next Step.

What is The Next Step? The Next Step is a commitment to the Lord to see Him guide our church spiritually and physically in strategy for retiring debt and Building in the future. The church distributed The Next Step magnets that have the words: Retire, Rise Up, Redeem. Our goal will be to see the Lord lead in each step of the church even as He has for the past 25 years.

On behalf of my wife, our associate pastors family and deacons thank you for following the Lord in The Next Step for Community Baptist Church of Lansing.

Pastor Jackson


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