Upcoming Events & “Christmas List For Jesus” Information

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Dear Friend (s): I trust that you are having a terrific fall and that you are enjoying the Lord’s goodness. The colors of the changing leaves were brilliant this year and we give the Lord the glory for His creation! Wendy and I have experienced a busy season with the finishing of the Pavilion project, getting our home winterized and the church preparation for the Holidays. I really love it, don’t you?  The pace is both refreshing and exciting anticipating what God has in store. He has done so much for us and the church in 2014, He is wonderful.  This is a short letter of introduction of the coming events and also regarding the annual “Christmas List for Jesus” we publish for the church congregation.

Coming Events:

November 26 at 7 PM   Prayer, Pie, Praise and Preaching Service at 7 PM

December 9 & 11 Church Directory Photos (scheduled at the church or on line through our web site)

December 14 at 9:45 Christmas List for Jesus gifts presented to the Lord and at 11 AM Patch Kids Christmas Pageant at 6 PM Christmas Musical

December 24 at 7 PM Christmas Eve Service

December 31 at 7 PM New Year’s Eve Service with preaching from the pew

January 4, 2015 at 6 PM Annual Vision Night Service

“Christmas List for Jesus”: Born out of requests by the congregation as to what is it the church needs to be more effective for Jesus in the next year, is the “Christmas List for Jesus”. Everyone has seen the classic Christmas list that a child has drafted for themselves but this list is all about others. What can we do this Christmas for the Lord? The “Christmas List for Jesus” is attached for you to prayer over, pick out one item and purchase (or you could just give a gift of money to pay for the item) before December 14 at 9:45 AM presentation. Whatever you want to do please mark it on the Master List attached to the bulletin board at church or contact me as to what you are going to do so we won’t duplicate your gift. Will you join my wife and me and participate this year in the Christmas List for Jesus? I hope you can. It will be wonderful to see the Lord receive His glory. “Glory to God in the highest…”Lk. 2:14

Thank you for all you do for the Lord,

Pastor Jackson

Click Below for your copy of the Christmas list for Jesus

Christmas List for Jesus 2014

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