The Formula for One Last Revival

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574983_22667767Sermon about King Josiah’s turning to God
(From the notes of the sermon preached on Sunday night)

We are getting closer to the end times every day…sin is more rampant, good men have fallen, the old walls have been broken down, it looks like there is no hope for one last revival.
So I ask you Is there hope for one more revival, is there a chance that we can see God do one last mighty work before the rapture, was there ever a time like today where a nation stood on the brink of moral clasp needing only one more sin to seal its fate on the path to destruction. To answer that question it would be to say yes there was a time when Gods hand of judgment was stayed…if only for a little while so that one last revival could happen so that righteousness could exalt a nation and that was found in the life and time of King Josiah. King Josiah made one last stand for God that Brought revival to his nation for one whole generation before the hand of judgment came!

Are you just praying for the rapture to come and take you out of this world of sin or are you fighting for more time to win more of the lost and dying world to the saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ!

Let’s look together tonight in 2 Kings 22-23 and find the formula for one last revival…

The first ingredient to this formula is the: Was starting out with a good dose of
Allocation of their Possessions
The second ingredient of the formula Mixing in a whole lot of Altering of their Position
The third ingredient of the formula pouring in Annihilation of their High Places

The fourth ingredient of the formula Was setting the table Adherence of the Passover. It is time to put the Easter bunny back in the basket. We need to Remember the reason for the season is not fun and games, but rather the sacrifice of a savoir! And when the sin of this world blocks out the light of God’s Holy & Faithful world it is then we must punch holes in the darkness

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