Good News: 3-17-13

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BibleDid you know that Stephen’s name means a “victor’s crown”? That was
the same crown that the star athletes would be honored with at the
Greek Olympics. Does anyone else agree with me that the name given to
him was prophetic, or at least becoming? Stephen’s whole life was
about serving and the Lord gave him the honor to do miracles yet
Stephen still was humble enough to serve tables, what a Christian! I
read an explanation of humility by Baptist writer Warren Wiersbe,
“Humility isn’t thinking poorly of ourselves (“Oh I’m not worth
much!”) but just not thinking of ourselves at all.” A real servant of
Christ is that kind of a humble servant, it is all about Jesus to

1. Celebration Sunday, which was yesterday, was an answer of prayer.
There were regular attenders, visitors and members in attendance. The
Word of God was preached and taught. The choir and Pastor Joe sang
some great songs. The offering was generous. The lunch was delicious
consisting of ham, turkey, corn, mashed potatoes, cake, spring mix
salad, coffee and pop. The workers were enthusiastic: Pastor Joe,
Chris Clarke, Rich Terami, Olivia Rabi, Chris Simmons and others did a
great job helping the crowd of hungry guests/members enjoy lunch.
Thank you for everyone who prayed, attended, gave, pledged towards
giving over the next 52 weeks and encouraged others.

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