Good News!

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Good News!1. Here is some Good News! God really is faithful. Well, you already knew that but it is good to reestablish the facts. The church has chose the theme from Lamentations 3:23 “… Great is thy Faithfulness”. because He is! Thank you for trusting Jesus as your Savior now would you trust God for your daily living? Each day can seem like a chore if you don’t look to the Lord for your help. Here is a suggestion to honor God and help you: pray to the Lord before you begin a task, a study, a new relationship, a car ride (see where I am going with this?). God desires you to be in His will in 2013 and His wisdom is available for the asking. So before you do another thing pray a simple prayer, Lord, help me to please you with this ________ fill in the blank. If it is of the Lord He will bless it.
2. Hand out a Gospel tract. Me? Yes, you. Would you join me in handing out one Gospel Tract a week in 2013? People need Good News and you handing them a Gospel tract will encourage them to look to heaven for their help! Let me know if you will take this challenge, pull up side me and share a Gospel Tract a week.
3. A discipleship class for ladies is underway on Sunday’s at 9:45 AM see my Wife Wendy if you are interested.
Great is the Faithfulness of God!
Pastor Jackson
Lam 3:23

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