Good News 1-30-13

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Good News!“And the LORD came down…” Genesis 11:5 is an astounding passage, because God moved to help man-again. That’s right, again and again God has moved to run interference for man to provide a way of escape. Note that the unity mankind had was to their own failing, communion to elevate themselves not God. The Tower of Babel is in every era of history, the story runs like Berber carpet under a cats paw, first the wholesome desire to unify, second the human government writes God out of the progress finally the implosion. The first man, Adam fell to his chagrin after receiving counsel of Lucifer and it seems man hasn’t learned his lesson. Today our government is at a standoff with disagreement, debt and disharmony. Why? God isn’t allowed to be in the center of the conversation instead He is at best a footnote in the journal. Until our leaders submit to the Lord our path will be dismal to travel on. Perhaps, the best solution for the self-centered creation is the appearing of the Lord, His Second Coming.

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