The No Excuse Christmas

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I often have people share excuses with me on why they don’t celebrate Christmas, it is sad really, they are missing out on real joy in the Lord! Nonetheless, they have bonded excuses on “why I just don’t do Christmas” and the thought came to me write a sermon on why there really aren’t any good excuses not to have Christmas in your heart, with your church, with your loved ones, with your neighbors and most important for the Lord. I am sure others have addressed the excuses before, I have read others responses to the “why I just don’t do Christmas” scorners but this will be a different take based on those in the New Testament. Sunday morning I will expound on the following:

The No Excuse Christmas


1. Being too old is no excuse Luke 1:7

2. Being too inexperienced is no excuse Luke 1:27

3. Being too self conscious is no excuse Matthew 1:19

4. Being too distant is no excuse Matthew 2:1

5. Being too low of reputation is no excuse Luke 2:8

6. Being too helpless is no excuse Luke 2:7

Could you add any to the list? Pray for God to use the message won’t you?

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