Kids and Easter

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What a wonderful Easter Season we had at the Community Baptist Church! God truly worked in a wonderful way with many families coming and visiting our church and even some raising their hand saying they needed to call on Jesus as their Savior. God is working in our city and in the hearts of men, women and children. Reminding them about the truth of Easter. Easter should be a time to remember and celebrate all that God has done.  Kid’s programs, egg hunts, and other fun events are a wonderful part of celebration that reminds us about what is truly important about Easter. Jesus’ death burial and raising from the dead. That is what makes Easter special. I am glad our kids at the church got that this year. They enjoyed the egg hunt with Bible verses and candy inside, and they loved singing songs for friends and loved ones, but the message in the songs poems and eggs are what really mattered  Matt 28:6 “He is not here: for he is risen” Jesus is alive and lives for us today!

We have included the Poem the kid’s club preformed for our church below.

Kids and Easter

Asst. Pastor Joe Jackson

I know to some this may sound funny

But Easter is not all about a bunny

Don’t get us wrong or misunderstand

We will gladly take all of the goodies out of your hand

We all love Chocolate eggs or bunnies even

Jelly beans and rainbows we believe in!

But what makes Easter so special is not the bunnies hunts or games

It is the true story that in the Bible remains

For in the Bible Matthew John Luke and Mark

You will find these true remarks

About a Savior who loves you and me

He would have to die upon a tree

To save us all from deaths rage

He would have to pay sin wage

A perfect sacrifice for us he would die

An in a cave for three days his body would lie

He was perfect he never did sin

And because of that our souls he could win

Heaven can be our eternal home

And in the darkness we will never more roam

So here is the story so simple to say

Easter is about Jesus death and how he did not stay that way

Jesus rose so we do not have to die

So Thanks to Jesus I will be in heaven in the sweet bye and bye

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