Feed the Need!

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Question: What does peanut butter; apple sauce and canned ham have in common?

Answer: They are all items collected for the “Feed the Need Food Drive” this past weekend!

“Feed the Need” was the theme of the food drive sponsored by our church for a special promotion to help the needy of our community. During our church’s new pictorial member directory we had a monumental food drive to help feed the physical need of those in our community! We saw the true hearts of our church members as they gave so that others could have their physical needs met! One of the outreaches of this local church is to help others and we do so often with a sack of groceries that was donated by our congregation! As we hand out groceries we offer free financial counsel to help each person get through the crisis they are experiencing.

There are many who have needs in our world today: some need food, some need a good paying job, some are in need of security, some need someone just to care about them. However, there is no doubt that what everyone in this world needs is God as preeminence, not just a priority or person they call to in their time of need. What every man needs is a personal relationship with the God who created them. So we are challenged by the wonderful thought that in this day we can feed the need of the physical. Now every day we strive to meet the need of the soul. The solution to the hurting heart is faith in God! The Lord Jesus Christ will meet the spiritual need by filling the void with forgiveness from God.

If you know of someone in need of groceries make sure to tell them that our church is here to try to help them with that essential physical need. As the Lord provides through our congregation we make the food available to the needy. God’s promises are true and His resources are endless. With that precious Message of forgiveness from God, we are able to help men, women and children with more than their physical needs; we can help them become born again. Man’s greatest need is forgiveness from God and God’s greatest gift is Jesus Christ the Savior for the World.

Thankful for God’s Goodness,

Pastor Jackson & Pastor Joe Jackson
Mark 11:22

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