Dealing with Life Dominating Problems

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Have you ever heard someone say: “Just deal with it!” The Bible has much to say about dealing with life dominating problems! We all have to deal with them; sometimes even felt like we have been beaten by them. However, the Bible shows us that God has ways for us to overcome; a plan for a person to truly deal with their problems.

The intent of these upcoming lessons is to help anyone who is dealing with a life dominating problem, has dealt with life dominating problems; or knows someone who is dealing with one and wants to help that person, but is uncertain how to do so!

It is our prayer that you will come to this 13 week Sunday School Bible Study. There will study question, memory verses, and checklist found throughout the free booklet given to ever person in attendance. The old saying is true, “How much you put into something will have direct results in your return benefit.” So if you have a Life-Dominating Problem or know someone who does come and join us as we see God’s answers to our daily problems.

This Bible study starts this Sunday at 9:45AM. Don’t miss out!

 The Staff of
Community Baptist Church

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