Why should Sunday School Teachers refresh their skills through Bible conferences?

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Sunday School Teachers can make a lasting impact on their students! 

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Sunday School”? For me there is nothing but fond memories. I think back to my first recollection of hearing my k-4/5 teacher sharing the Gospel, so clearly that I was convicted of my sin and called on Christ to become my Savior. My third grade Sunday School teacher invited a missionary to visit our class, he ministered in Alaska where he taught Eskimos about Jesus, and we collected offerings for that missionary all year long! Then there was my fifth grade teacher who challenged every student to memorize the books of the Bible and the successful student would get a ride in his airplane. Wow, what a great incentive, (I got motion sickness on the plane) what a memory. Then my teen teacher taught us about the End Times, with memory verses for each major event, the whole class became so burdened for our public high school peers that we carried our Bibles to school with Gospel tracts. Hey, Sunday School that is based on the Bible is unforgettable! God has used the Sunday School Teacher to impact my life, thank you for teaching the Bible and thank you for investing in your skills today.

Pastor Tim Jackson
Acts 15:35 “…teaching and preaching the word of the Lord, with many others also.”



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